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Historię aktualizacji

w porządku chronologicznym

In all plans of the program (Light, Standard and Ultimate), the function of advanced filters in reports is now available. This function will allow you to view reports not only by one, but also by several criteria of one filter. For example, view the "Sales of services" report for several professionals to compare their performance.


The network version of the program was updated: client cards function both in one and several locations; the ability to conduct planning for each location of the network was added; the working schedules of employees were updated.


Now, in the Light plan of the program, complex payroll schemes for employees (percent scheme and accumulation scheme) are available.


The network version of the program was updated: employees are divided between locations (one employee can also work in several locations); each location has its settings and salary display; accounts of companies and area of departments are also divided for each location. Also in 15 reports filters were added for locations.


In all plans of the program (Light, Standard and Ultimate), the function of advanced filters in reports is now available. This function will allow you to view reports not only by one, but also by several criteria of one filter. For example, view the "Sales of services" report for several professionals to compare their performance.


The network version of the program was updated: client cards function both in one and several locations; the ability to conduct planning for each location of the network was added; the working schedules of employees were updated.


The reports "Reviews about visits" and "Reviews about the location" were added, which display information about the reviews left by clients in the client online module


In the "Appointment book" section you can see the photos of specialists for more convenient work with the section.


The report "Grouping clients by rank" is expanded. Now it is possible to analyze the clients' rating in more details thanks to the amounts and the number of items sold to the clients that are displayed in this report.


The reports "Clients with deposit" and "Clients with debt" have been expanded. Now you can see the dynamics of using the deposit with the help of displayed the corresponding amounts 30, 60 and 90 days ago.


The settings of templates for sending SMS message reminders about the appointment to the client are changed. Now you have the opportunity to configure automatic sending of SMS messages with a reminder about the appointment, its creation, changing the time or canceling the client's appointment.


The type of period selection in reports was changed


In the settings of the online module, the ability to specify the minimum time to which you can create an appointment is added (for example, to make an appointment at least 2 hours before it)


The interface of the Private office was changed. Now all the information about payments and the company AIHelps is in one window. From your Private office you can make license payment, view/print out the license agreement, download Teamviewer and view the news in the program


The interface of the section "Appointment book" was changed


The ability to search employees by name, phone number and e-mail is added to the section "Employees".


The ability to send an invitation to the program by e-mail is added to the section "Employees". Now you and your employees can connect to your database from any computer in a few clicks!


Now there's an opportunity to add the remains of products to the Stocktaking by using an Excel file.


Now the databases are hosted on Amazon's servers. This will speed up the program, increase the stability of the connection to the database, and also allow to add more new functionality to the program in the future.


Now it's possible to make payment of salaries to several or all employees in the same window at once. There's also an opportunity to download an Excel file with data on salary payments.


Now it's possible to charge bonuses, awards, fines, taxes and deductions not only to one employee, but also to several or to all employees in the location.


Now it's possible to specify not only percentage but also a fixed amount of payment in the accumulation payment scheme of salary calculation.


The integration with the fingerprint's reader is added. So now employees' entry-exit can be controlled by using their fingerprints


The ability to mark a record in the schedule as "Important" is added. In the schedule such records are represented with an asterisk ("*") and if some changes are made the program will display an additional warning.


Now you can unite the dublicate staff cards.


The Client Online Module is updated. Now the module can be configured in the program. Also there's an ability to change the settings of the module at any convenient time and all changes will be displayed in the module immediately. The opportunity to install the module on Facebook, Instagram and other resources is appeared.


Principle of work with products was changed. Now dealing with products in the correction mode doesn't affect the remains of the products in the warehouse in the stocktaking.


Principle of work with products was changed. Now the accounting of products in the program is based on the principle of "Single purchase price". All remains of products are recalculated according to the last set purchase price. The amount and information of revaluation are displayed in the reports "Profit and loss" and "Profit and loss details".


Program converted to new design. New design is simplier, more contrast and more modern.


New version of client record site module. Now personal account is available for client - client can see his deposit/bonus sum, visits history and planned appointments. Planned appointments can be cancelled.


Launched a new version of clients online records module. Superior design, easy installation on site, the opportunity to confirm the recording via SMS, as well as records for group lessons for fitness clubs.


Prices for services now can be set in additional currency.


Automatically calculate product selling price from supply price


Possibility to take payment from client for some materials used in services.


Planned and fact employee work time separated. Fact work time is calculated by program enter-exit, read employee card (by program, by turnstile). Salary per day and per hours can be calculated based on plan or fact work time.


New report: Key Financial Indicators (profitability, breakeven point, income per m²)


Now program is common for all languages, language can be changed directly from program.


Campaign "Bring your friend": your clients now can receive a bonus for brought friends. And even when their friends will bring theirs' own friends!


Possibility to print report for insurance companies on clients visited for some period of time. Report template can be created from MS Word document.


Discounts and bonuses now can be simultaneously accrued for client by discount card.


Possibility to create client check with your own design (based on MS Word or MS Excel design)


Masters program mode (edit services and materials) now optimized for touch screen displays


After supply act finished, sale prices can be immediately changed for supplied products


Report "Primary/active clients ratio by months"


You can set clients' required fields. Without that data sale to client is impossible


Possibility to attach friends/colleguas to clients


Documents section - possibility to darag and drop documents from Windows Explorer to program and vice versa.


Automatic program update on all computers in salon (club) after updating on one computer.


For several locations - you can manage general clients' list with each client have common deposit and possibility to show client's visits to all locations (synchronization)


Program now supports sending sms from more than 100 sms services from 7 countries! Select sms sending service you like!


In cashdesk in check list you can open client information


While entering new client program find similar existing clients by name, surname, phone, e-mail or birthday and show a list of best match.


Expences can be attached to companies, recurrent payments can be configured, creating bills for these expenses and control money flows to companies.


Possibility to set up rules for assigning categories for clients and automatic assigning such categories (for example, client who made N visits and bought services and products for at least M sum will automatically receive status "Gold")


New big report about clients retention


Possibility to set that card can be activated only from month start (from first day of month)


Possibility to set reason while sale with discount or free of charge


New report "Consignment products lefts"


Now you can write off product sets (receipts)


While removing card, program allows to block all active cards of given type


Sales in cashdesk now is shown by checks


Now you can edit supply, transfer acts and other product documents even after products from these acts were used.


In reports with grouping number of rows inside is written near each group


Possibility to set discount on client's birthday


Possibility to create new certificate on recording client visit


Locating certificates in folders


Correction mode: possibility to set closed period< in which correction mode is not working


In full card you can set discount not only for separate product/service/card, but also for folders with products/services/cards


Products revision on given date


Possibility to set products price by formula "supply cost + profit percent"


Check dialog: you can always select master which will receive bonus for product recommendation


Program for masters (trainers) - added on screen keyboard


Information tab on Clients page: history of client's last sales (last 3 months) is shown


Cashier workplace (in Deluxe version)


Products supply dialog - you can change destination warehouse even after all products added


Possibility to set card price in additional currency


If employee forgot his password, program can send him new password in SMS on his mobile phone (shown in employee's information), if sending SMS is configured or on his e-mail, if sending e-mail is configured.


Possibility to pause or cancel SMS feeds


All SMS messages for clients (birthday greetings, visit reminders, card/certificate end reminders) are sent only in comfortable for clients time 11:00 - 19:00.


Possibility to set typical cancel reasons and select reason on check cancel.


For full card for each service you can set fixed virtual price which will be used for calculating salary


Adding money from owner


Possibility to repeat check payment after cancelling check without need to reinput all check items


New action types: fixed discount sum and "all in one price"


In cashdesk operations list used account (or accounts with sums for mixed payment) is shown and helps to distinguish operations by accounts


Program checks computer time on startup and propose to correct if needed


In section Cashdesk search by product/service name, client, administrator, master, price is available on day operations.


Now you can locate program database on Linux computers, including most host providers in Internet without any additional MySQL configuration. You can easily transfer your database outside your office.


Several persons now can be financially accountable for some warehouse


Reports "Clients' list" and "Clients' sales" now contains columns and filters on age, sex, category, manger, company and source address. Such columns and filters allows to analyze client base and sales by certain clients groups.


Total report for all sent e-mails for clients


Departments now can be set for services/products. Expences for salary and other expences now can be distributed between departments.


Sending reports to e-mail now is done at evening at day end when administrator exits program, but not next day morning.


Day salary: possibilty to calculate only half of salary if employee worked only half of the day,


You can print employee cards by yourself using special printer. You can create several card designs.


In schedule you can divide time not only by half-hour intervals, but also by 5/15-minutes intervals. Schedule can be streched to see short records.


Possibility to calculate bonuses for cards, certificates and group visits (in addition to products and services). Possibity to set, for which products, services, groups and cards bonuses will be calculated and for which - not.


Report "Clients' sales" shows sale sums for each client for given period (both total and separately products, services, cards, etc.)


In cashdesk you can see not only total sums for sold services, products and cards, but also with details by categories.


Accumulative salary schema now can be calculated not only from client's payed sum, but also from price sum (ignore discount sum). Services fact or planed materials cost also can be subtracted.


For each client you can create several questionnaires (for new client, medical card etc.). For each questionnaire document can be attached with data from this questionnaire.


Possibility to print documents from Documents page


Possibility to create services sets for quick selection of treatment process.


Client visit record - adding services or products now a lot easier and quicker.


Client history page now contains information about cancelled visits.


While creating visit on master (trainer, doctor) non-working time, program warn that employee is not working and helps to change schedule and inform employee about changes.


Month schedule by cabinets allows to connect masters (trainers, doctors) and assistants to rooms.


Clients' accumulated discount - possibility to exclude some products or services from discount.


Possibility to make products transfer, waste or return base on products supply.


For separate employees you can set, that administrator see employee calculated salary and can pay to him (Cashdesk page, button Pay salary, without access to Salary page)


Products and services sales to employees: possibility to set, if salary, administrator bonus, recommendation and turnover bonuses will be calculated while saling to employee.


In month schedule you can see not only work duration, but also work start and finish for each employee for each day.


In month schedule you can set custom employee absent reasons (plus to standard: miss, ilness, vacation).


Possibility to create notifies with link to client or employee (automatic transfer to client or employee after click on notify) by yourself.


Now Word and Excel contracts and templates is printing faster, do not starting Word (or Excel). Moreover, they can even be not installed on your computer.


You can arrange files in section Documents using keyboard combinations Ctrl+X (cut), Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste).


Section Documents - it becomes easier to work with documents: edit mode was removed, possibilities to edit and rename documents was added. Documents can be arranged in folders using mouse. For each document time and author of last change is shown.


Possibility to set facilities close time after 24:00. So employee's work time, client visits and sales can be transfered to start of next day.


Warehouse options: you can set possible options of products' sales: by volume (gr, ml), by portions, by packing.


Page "Birthdays": except birthday date, number of years is shown for each client.


Keyboard layout is shown while entering password.


In check window (also in quick sale window) after you set action or discount to one check item, in one click you can set it to all other items.


There is possibility in schedule to select administrators, whom will receive sale bonus for products and services. Also there is possibility to select several administrators working simultaniously (bonus will be divided between them).


In schedule in new visit record if master (doctor) not selected, client's master (doctor) automatically set.


Possibility to mark client don't want to receive E-mails.


Schedule: calendar now is bigger and put to the left for more convenient administrator work.


Companies, to which clients belongs, insurance companies and discount services from now have their own accounts, where money can be transfered and distributed between clients or used for sales.


Possibility to use discount by card (abonement) or use certificate only after scanning (with barcode scanner) card or certificate (Settings -> General settings -> Cards).


Revision is automatically saved during the work, so you always can continue from point you stopped last time.


Possibility to filter (and to print) only products' shortages or surpluses in revision.


You can write short description about each action. This description from one of such active actions will be printed at the end of client check.


In case master belongs to several job positions with different prices for services, you can select price for current service.


Possibility to replace one product by another (for example, if needed to give product from showcase to work).


Column "Products cost by sale price" added to report "Products lefts".


Possibility to forbid several services in one cabinet or hall simultaniously.


Card freeze can be made forehead (start from given date)


Possibility to limit employees, who can sale specific services or cards.


New card type - Bonus card. Bonuses are calculated for clients, they can use bonuses for payments.


Return is shown while receiving money from clients.


Possibility to automatically assign numbers for clients.


Accumulation discount can be applied for all customers (in settings) without need to sale accumulation discount card for each customer.


Now you can make balance not only for full warehouse, but also for several folders in warehouse.


You can insert full address while editing client or employee. Program will automatically split it into parts: city, street, building, apartment and fill corresponding fields.


History for laser epilation procedures.


Now, in the Light plan of the program, complex payroll schemes for employees (percent scheme and accumulation scheme) are available.


The network version of the program was updated: employees are divided between locations (one employee can also work in several locations); each location has its settings and salary display; accounts of companies and area of departments are also divided for each location. Also in 15 reports filters were added for locations.


An accumulative-bonus system was added. Depending on the amount spent, the client increases his percentage of bonuses. The system can be configured for the entire client base in the "Preference" section or you can create a card in the "Marketing" section.


The function "Tip" was added to the program. Also a report was added with information about the amount of tips and who was tipped.


Three types of cancellation were added to the "Cancelled appointments" report: early (canceled more than 3 hours before the beginning of the appointment), late (canceled less than 3 hours before the beginning of the appointment), no show (the client did not warn about the cancellation of the appointment).


Now in the report "Flow of products" you can view information not only about the flow of the quantity of products, but also about the amount of transactions carried out.


Now the discount and transportation costs in the invoice "Products supply" do not affect the set wholesale price. The amounts of discounts and transportation costs are displayed as separate items in the reports.


A new function "Resources" was added. Add your resources to the program if their number is less than the number of your profecionals so you can control their workload. When you try to make appointments for two clients for one resource simultaneously the program will open a window with a warning that there exists the appointment already. (available in program versions Standard and Ultimate)


In the upper right corner the button "Help" is added. Clicking it the knowledge base of the program will be opened


Now you can change the interface language for the user in the "Employees" section when editing this user


The ability to split the payments for the cards is added in the Ultimate version of the program.


Now in the section "Employees" you can view information about employees who have been moved to the archive putting a check in the box "Archive". Employees are displayed in those folders in which they were placed before removal.


The functionality of group classes and seminars is added to the Ultimate version of the program.


The ability to send messages to clients using Viber instead of sending SMS messages is added to the program. This function will be more useful for the large locations. The cost of Viber messages is slightly cheaper than SMS messages. More detailed information about prices and conditions of usage of Viber service you can learn from your SMS messaging service (if it supports this service).


The Client Online Module is updated. Now selecting an employee the closest available time for recording is displayed in the module as well as the rating and the number of reviews about the specialist.


While selling a card the validity period of this card is written in the ticket.


Now additional bonuses for sales are also charged to amounts that were paid from the client's or the company's balance.


Now it's possible to set different additional bonuses for sales of products due to the type of sale: by package, portions, units of measure (g, ml, pcs, cm).


In the report "Profit and loss" one can see the percent of location's profitability (Income / Profit * 100%).


Now making a mixed payment of a ticket it's possible to add a part of amount to the company's balance (corporate clients, discount services).


Now creating or editing a client it's possible to specify the personal maximum amount of debt due on which the client can be served in the location.


The network version of the program is started. Now it's possible to combine two databases into one program and view information both for all locations simultaneously and for each location separately.


Principle of work with products was changed. Now the program has the separate accounting of consignment products and non-consignment products. If a product is created as the consignment product, it won't be displayed in the "non-consignment" invoice and vice versa. If you start working with the remains of products you won't be able to change the type of the product.


We are back to publications of innovations in the program


You can specify, what client information your staff can edit (Ultimate version).


Correction modes added: only yesterday, current month, open period or any date. Correction mode now can be set separately for each staff category.


Now program connects to bank terminal for card transactions. When making payments to bank account, window appeared waiting for payment with a card (amount is sent to the terminal), the same for refund. In addition, on Daily Balance tab you can print Z-report, X-report and day report for terminal.


Personal account appeared in the program - you can view the history of your payments and contracts for the program, the date to which the program will work as well as the account balance. There you can pay for the program for the next year or month with Visa / MasterCard cards - money will be credited to your account and license extended automatically within a few seconds.


Clients' checks numeration added.


Product units (kg, g, ml, pcs.) precision for presentation and calculations can be changed.


Personal warehouse can be created for each master/trainer/doctor. In services calculations you can set that service materials will be taken from master/trainer/doctor warehouse.


Possibility to send a document generated by program to client's e-mail.


Cloud server, where you can store your database, not to locate database in your institution, managing server and creating backups. Free for clients with annual subscription!


Different salary schemas for services salary and administrator bonuses now can be set not only for folders, but for separate services/products


Possibility to print fiscal information on ordinary check, if no fiscal printer is available (if fiscal printer is not required for your industry).


All employees now can work together with client calls


You can keep an archive of dismissed employees


Check window: all services and sales are shown by master. You can change master, who recommended some product.


Detailed report on employees accumulative salary schema (show both fact and plan values)


Client questionnaires detailed report


Accumulate salary schema - possibility to create schema that depends from sold products/services quantity, not from sold sum.


Pictures can be set for products, services and groups folders


Program can make automatic database backups now. Backups can be protected by password, without password anyone can't access backuped data. Ready backup files can be automatically stored on other computer in network or cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and 11 more)


Planning profits and losses by departments


All our programs now are signed with electronic certificates (company Light Soft). Now you can be sure you received correct pogram from us, not from someone else and program does not contain viruses or other suspicious modules


Manual salary calculation for services - not only specific sums, but also formulas can be set.


Report - searching for clients repeats (saved two times in client list) by similar client's information


Connecting with scales (for weighting materials for services)


Products supply and products order: products lefts are shown, possibility to show only products with critical quantity


Reports "Visit dynamics by payments" and "Visit dynamics by visits" visualize key performance indicators either in absolut values or increase for each month (or other period)


Phone number and zip code validity check (for different countries). More precise mobile phone determination


New report "Visits dynamic" shows clients and checks count, income and profit in dynamic.


Possibility to select printer for printing reports and documents


Clients Page: client search by category or e-mail


Possibility to change service's used materials before sale


Several categories can be set for one client


Warehouse revision now doesn't prevent selling products, supply and other product operations


In reports in filters you can select several values at once (Deluxe version)


New report "Lost clients" for given period


You can set bank commision for using bank account. Commision will be shown in expences


Automatic certificate price evaluation on creation


Possibility to pay salary and cancel payments, awards and fees for removed employee


Possibility to change font size for printing checks


Possibility to edit and cancel already done revision


New report: products lefts on specific date


Possibility to change price for all products/services/groups/cards at some percent


Possibility to remove cancelled sales under special right


Page "Clients", for "Client's information" section you can define font size to help administrators see client's information from big distance.


Director/owner can see all notifications (in history), not only his own


Possility to print check for operations "Put money on deposit" and "Get money from deposit"


Products order dialog and products write off dialog - produt sum shown for each product plus total sum


At last! Now program allows to send SMS through different SMS send services - you can choose it by yourself. For current moment only few services available, in next months their quantity will be increased (including your requests)


Each employee, who can login, can change his own password (even without possibility to edit users, but only for himself).


SMS delayed delivery (both sms feeds and separate smses) - you can set time when smses should be sent.


In cashdesk while paying salary, if administrator see employee's salary, he can also open employee's salary report (to show and explain why salary sum is as calculated)


Possibility to print schedule for day for one or several halls


Possibility to load product invoices from Excel


Fixed assets accounting


Clicking on client (product, service, group) in reports will open client card (product card, service card, group card).


Possibility to keep a record of the debt to the supplier in additional currencies (dollar, euro etc.)


Possibility to enter fact values in stock balance not only in gr/ml, but also in packages for weight products


Marketing->Actions - possibility to split to organize actions by categories and search actions.


Client companies and suppliers - possibility to set several contacts and more detail requisites


Report for services and visits lefts on cards and abonements


For each client you can set "own" master/trainer. Master/trainer can earn salary for "own" clients using other formula.


In report "Clients' sales" column and filter "Is new client" added. So now this report can be used for analysing visits and sales for new clients.


Total report for all sent SMSes


Page Clients: searching client by card number or cabinet number now easier and clearer


Report "Planned visits" - information about all future and cancelled clients' visits.


Now supporting not only laser epilation devices, but also photo epilation devices


Report on all products operations for given period.


Possibility to calculate salary for services according to service price by card.


You can print client cards by yourself using special printer. Cards design is fully customizable.


Page Clients, Photos: more quick and convenient adding and editing photos, possibility to load several photos at once an dragging photos from Windows Explorer.


You can set and read not only 13-symbol barcodes (EAN-13), but also any others for products (and services).


Possibility to save all changes of client's questionnaires in chronological order (when history of changing information about client is important)


In client's questionary you can create questions in form of tables (for extended questions, possibly with dates).


Possibility to print visits schedule for client.


Printing reports on black/white printer - program corrects color contrast for better reading.


Possibility to send e-mail with several reports every day end.


Report "User action history" now contains more detailed information about changing client visits. Separate report "Cancelled visits" contains information about all cancelled visits.


Possibility to turn off automatic notifies about clints' birthdays, cards' and certificates' ends, products' critical quantity.


You can create one or several receptions in program. For each reception admininistrators and cashdesk assigned. Administrators of this reception can work only with this cashdesk and see only operations with this reception.


In templates you can set several phone, e-mail and comments columns while loading clients or employees.


Dialog Invoices: possibility to view list of invoices for any period, filter invoices by type, number or supplier.


Check rounding is saved and shown in reports separately from products and services.


In accumulative discount you can separately set, what is used for calculating accumulated sum (products, services, cards) and what items discount is applied.


While cancelling the employee in schedule, administrator can also set absense reason.


New possibility to send SMS to employees: both separate e-mails and sms feeds. Usefull for congratulations and informing employees.


Section Documents: possibility to create document templates for clients and employees (contracts, acknowledgements etc.). Program will automatically fill name, passport requisites and other data into document.


Program become compatible with new file formats MS Office Word/Excel (docx/xlsx) and also Open Office (odt/ods), Now you can upload templates and documents in such formats.


You can add one or several files or even folders to Documents section, simply dragging them from Windows Explorer by mouse.


You can drag products, services, groups and cards to different folders using mouse.


If day is set as non-working in common settings, employees will not be set in schedule for this day and salary for that day will not be calculated.


Report on clients with birthdays in given month.


Possibility to set client's relatives (spouse, children etc.) + visual representation of closiest relatives.


You can set discounts for buying cards in full card.


Possibility to calculate administrators' sale bonus (and masters' recommendation bonus) using accumulative and other complex salary formulas.


You can add notify not only to specific person, but to group also (like Administrators).


You can go to client edit dialog from client visit form now.


Program for masters/doctors: view mode is available for one-day schedule with all masters/doctors or cabinets working today.


While editing planned client visit in schedule, while editing date and time, trainer (master) schedule is shown to the right.


Managing information about clients' insurance policies tickets and discount companies' coupons.


You can set different service price depending from service time.


If program controls staff enter and exit, but person has not entered yet, it's time in schedule is lighted with red.


Difference sum by products sale price is automatically calculated in revision (and revision history).


Option to notify about clients' birthdays can be turned off in General settings.


Salary for services for worker can be set for all services at once.


Order of entering information about client potential visit was changed for quicker data input. Client can be selected in same window, selecting service can be skipped or selected later.


Possibility to sale products by portions (not whole packages and not by milliliters).


In Staff section visually shown staff inside, come in time (and gone out time for staff already gone) - if controlling staff by cards.


SMS and E-mail feeds - you can sort clients by type (active, potential,..) and by categories.


Requisites for product operations' acts (supply, transfer, waste, return acts) can be changed even if products from act already used. Such requisites are: act date and number, supplier and if products are on consignment.


Each client has catalog of photos and pictures, where photos and other images can be stored.


Possibility to load sales history from Excel (especially usefull while starting working with program).


Possibility to print catalogue of products (of no possibility to stitch barcode to product itself, like coffee or cocktail) or services.


In accumulation discount card you can set categories (products, services, groups, cards, certificates), for which discount is applied.


"Quick sale" in Schedule will help you to sale products and services more convenient and quicker.


Rounding check sum (+ round types: up, down, to nearest)


Dialog "What's new in new version" is shown after program update (with list of new possibilities and major improvements, registered after October 1, 2012). Also, list of all new features can be seen in "About program" dialog.