Каса за день

Track revenues and expenses Save time on calculations Connect POS equipment

Зручна робота з грошовими коштами.

Beauty Pro allows for efficient tracking of your salon’s finances and simplifies accounting of incoming and outgoing payments.

  • automate the calculation of incomes and expenses
  • reduce errors in cash accounting
  • account for even the most minor of revenues and expenses
  • simplify exchanges with corporate clients
  • discounted service-coupons
  • control payments with suppliers
  • automate loyalty programs and promotions
  • work with multiple currencies  
  • financial planning feature
  • plan revenues and expenses
  • analyze cash flow

Аналізуйте свій бізнес за видами послуг, що надаються

Beauty Pro allows to organize your salon into fields, for example hairdressing room, nail aesthetics, cosmetology. All revenues and expenses are then attached to relevant fields. This gives you access to far more detailed analytics and you can monitor profitability of each particular field.

Beauty Pro - це новий рівень роботи.

We have thought out everything down to the last detail:

  • convenient and easy client checkout
  • loyalty programs and promotions
  • accept all payment types: cash, non-cash, gifts certificates, take deposits, and mixed payment methods
  • manage multiple balances: cash register, bank, cash box
  • details of all cash operations
  • history of cancellations and returns
  • accept payment in different currencies
  • works with multiple reception desks for larger salons
  • accounting for auxiliary revenues from booth rent and others
  • works with POS systems: payment terminals, barcode readers, fiscal data recorders, receipt printers, label printers, self-service terminals

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