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Щоб оплатити обраний тариф, заповніть, будь ласка, невелику форму.

После оплаты с вами свяжется персональный аккаунт менеджер, чтобы запланировать настройку и  обучение.

Nizhelskyi Serhii
Ukraine, Kyiv

Director of development of Yurii Tsarev beauty salon chains

“I’d say the main benefits of working with “Beauty Pro” are the ability to quickly obtain important reports on two salons at the same time, the ease of controlling salon rates, and making the correct management decisions. We are very satisfied with the program and recommend it!”

Danilina Alla
Ukraine, Kyiv

Manager of Dessange network                                               

“Thanks to Beauty Pro program, we have access to very helpful tools. I recommend all beauty salons use «Beauty Pro», because it will save you time and make work easier.”

Razgonov Ruslan
Riga, Latvia

Pastelle beauty salons network owner:                                            

“To me, Beauty Pro has become an integral part of our business. Using Beauty Pro I can control my business from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop and the internet! Our sales network is located in two different countries and it’s very important for me to control everything remotely. I would also like to note the professional operational support, which quickly resolves your questions!”