How to choose a CRM system best fit for your beauty salon

How to choose a CRM system best fit for your beauty salon

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Today, a CRM system is an all-in-one tool that serves marketing, sales, and analytics. They have many useful features to help you organize all the processes in your salon, from scheduling appointments and sending reminders to keeping stock of products you sell.


In this article you will learn about why CRM systems are so useful and how to understand what is the best salon software for your business.


Benefits of using a CRM system for your beauty salon


Best salon software. Benefits of using a CRM system for your beauty salon


A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a great tool for managing interactions with new, existing and potential clients. There are no real arguments against, but there are certainly many benefits of using the best salon and spa software. Here are some of them:


  • Keep client records digital and save time on entering new information;
  • Set up different programs for attracting new clients and increasing profit;
  • Keep notice of dormant and active clients;
  • Offer an online booking option;
  • Send appointment reminders;
  • Record client surveys that can be used for analytics;
  • Manage employees work schedule and calculate salaries;
  • Set up automated email responses;
  • Integrate with social media and other software;
  • Cloud based salon software allows access from any location or device with web-based technology.


If you choose the right CRM system for your salon, both you and your employees will find no trouble using it. There is no need to worry about switching to new software since you can easily transfer the client database from your old one without any losses. Moreover, good CRM systems have many features and functions, and you can definitely find one that fits all your requirements.


Further, you will find some of the key steps to help you pick a system that is appropriate for your business.


Step-by-step guide and basic criteria for choosing the right CRM system for your salon


Best salon software. Step-by-step guide and basic criteria for choosing the right CRM system for your salon


1. Compile a list of your own struggles and concerns about salon management, communicating with customers, attracting new ones, setting up advertising campaigns, etc.


2. Based on the previous list and the general CRM software benefits, list key requirements for your business specifically and single out the ones that are top priority. Now is also a good moment to consider: a) how big is your business or how big you intend to grow; b) what is your budget?


3. Talk to colleagues in the industry, find out about their thought process when choosing technology for their salon. Make use of salon software reviews. Edit your checklist if needed.


4. Take into consideration the CRM systems your colleagues suggest and look up some top recommendations on the Internet. Print out lists with all the benefits that each system offers.


5. Compare all systems under consideration using the requirements checklist. This will help you narrow down the list or even choose the one that ticks all the boxes. You can also check out salon booking software reviews to help make a decision.


Use this criteria checklist to evaluate each system:

  • Does it have all functions you require?
  • Would it be hard to train employees how to work with the system?
  • Does the vendor offer good technical support?
  • Does it have a mobile feature?
  • Does it offer analytics?
  • Does it offer email templating?
  • Does it integrate with social media and other apps?


6. Make use of demos. Many top rated salon software companies offer free demos for you to try out their software. Think of different scenarios you encounter in your line of work and test the system against each one.


Download the free, two-week demo of our Beauty Pro CRM system to find out how it can benefit your business.


Beauty Pro Functionality and Benefits


Best salon software. Beauty Pro Functionality and Benefits


Beauty Pro is a versatile, super salon software system with many functions, features, and benefits. It is designed specifically for managing salons, spa parlors, barbershops, and other such services in the beauty industry.


1. Beauty Pro has extensive functionality and includes all major features that any salon can benefit from, such as:

  • Instant access to client information, visiting history, loyalty programs and promotions.
  • Save time with the integrated appointment book, quickly schedule visits and calculate price.
  • Attract more clients with the online booking option.
  • Automatically calculate salaries based on work schedule.
  • Full control over salon performance via 150+ reports that account for your finances, inventory, services provide, employee accomplishments, effectiveness of ad campaigns, and more.


2. Beauty Pro is easy to use. It has a minimalist design and its intuitive interface is easy to navigate, no technical education required.


3. Beauty Pro offers great support. We offer free training to help you get acquainted with all functions. We also have skilled technical support who will answer all your questions about using our software and help you with troubleshooting if needed.


Contact us to find out more about the benefits of using Beauty Pro in your salon or download the free 2-week demo and try it out.




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