Salon booking app. Online Booking Feature for Your Salon Website

Online Booking Feature for Your Salon Website

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A salon appointment booking app is an extension of the appointment book. It allows your clients the freedom and convenience to make an appointment at any moment and from any device, even outside of working hours.


In this day and age, salon booking programs are not a fancy add-on, but a necessity in modern customer service. Without it, you are losing website views and clients who prefer the web.


Further, you will find out what functionality a good online salon booking system requires.


Undeniable Benefits of a Salon Booking App


Salon booking app. Undeniable Benefits of Online Booking


  • Clients are more likely to book online if they don’t like or aren’t comfortable with calling your salon, especially if it is for a hair removal appointment;
  • It is easier for a client to type in personal details rather than spell them out over the phone;
  • Administrators don’t need to be by the phone constantly, so they can focus on clients that are in the salon or on a time-sensitive task;
  • You don’t miss out on bookings that could’ve been made when the administrator was unavailable or after working hours;
  • New clients will spend less time hesitating when they don’t need to speak to anyone before the appointment.

Another significant benefit of salon booking software is that you are also eliminating any errors from your side, such as a misspelled name, wrong appointment time or day. One mishandled appointment and the client might not come back.


What a Good Beauty Salon Appointment App Needs


Salon booking app. Undeniable Benefits of Online Booking


In essence, an online salon booking plugin is something that is easy to use and saves time for you and your client. Therefore, any functionality it has should satisfy this requirement.


  1. Personal account


A personal account in the beauty booking app  is necessary for a number of reasons, all of which make it easier for the client to book appointments. First of all, they don’t need to fill in personal details from scratch every time they want to make an appointment. Then, they can view the history of appointments: what specialist they went to, when, and how much they paid.


  1. Customize settings


You should be able to customize everything the client can see and do in the salon booking system. For example:


  • Choose whether they can change or cancel the appointment at any time;
  • Set default appointment length;
  • Define the order of actions if needed (e.g., choose the service and specialist, and then the time;
  • Hide certain services if a client might need your help in choosing the right one;
  • Choose which specialists clients can book (e.g., you have call-in employees);
  • Set notifications for yourself (e.g., a new appointment was booked);
  • Choose whether clients can request a callback;
  • Set choice of the interface languages for the client to choose from;
  • Add your own user agreement for the online form.


Salon booking app. Online booking: Customize settings


  1. Add a location map


Showing the location of your salon is a nice bonus. Clients will know where you are located right away, without having to call the salon to ask the directions or open up a map website to search for your address. It is all on the salon appointment app.


  1. Clients feedback


Feedback is important in several different aspects. First of all, it is an evaluation of the salon’s performance, even if counted in a 1 to 5 stars rating. In case some of the clients won’t bother writing a review, it takes just one click to rate their visit, and for those who don’t spend time reading review, a visual is also nice. Moreover, it helps other clients (new to your salon or to the online booking form) to make a decision.

You should be able to customize what questions go on the feedback form of the schedule booking app. Maybe you want to know if the clients like the location, salon tidiness, or how friendly the personnel was. So, it’s great when you can choose which parameters should be evaluated.


Salon booking app. Online booking: Clients feedback


  1. Can be used from any device


Each year, the number of people who hop on the Internet through various mobile devices grows exponentially. Therefore, it’s important that the salon reservation software is responsive to all device sizes. This means that when your client wants to make an appointment on the go, from their smartphone, they don’t run into any difficulties.


You have probably experienced it yourself if you ever clicked on a form or feature and then couldn’t find it on the screen right away and then lost all information you have typed in. With a good online beauty appointment app, your clients won’t have issues like that.


  1. The salon appointment software can be implemented in other media, such as your Facebook page


Social media is a valuable asset in attracting new clients and interacting with the target audience. It is also a good way to advertise your services. If you have social media pages set up, it is handy that the client can make an appointment straight from those pages via an online form.


Beauty Pro has all the necessary functions for salon business and more. It is salon software with online booking functionality and with many useful features that we can offer for optimizing salon processes, reducing human error, attracting new audiences, and getting more regular clients.


The software will help you:

  • Get more clients through the website and social media via the salon appointment system;
  • Manage your salon more efficiently in terms of optimizing routine processes and utilizing different performance reports generated by the program;
  • Set up advertising campaigns and measure their effectiveness;
  • Analyze your clientele and find ways of further improving your services.

If you are still hesitating whether or not salon reservation software is useful for your business or not, you can try it on practice. Download the Beauty Pro free demo to test the online component and other great features that our salon software can offer.



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