Plan tasks and calls

Record call notes

Increase efficiency

Increase profits:

  • unlock the potential in your client base
  • promote new services and exclusive propositions
  • work with different groups of clients, taking into account their preferences
  • make repeat sales
  • use history of communication with the client
  • plan the new tasks
  • reduce human error and thereby increase profit
  • take advantage of repeat services and remind the client of touch-up visit need and time

Offer clients the services that are most relevant to them

Almost every service is cyclical, and the client will have to return at some point. Whether it is a haircut or color, manicure or other cosmetic procedure. Use your client’s history to invite the client back at the right time and know exactly what is relevant to them at that time.

Using the “Calls” feature:

  • easy tool to connect with your clients  
  • record of entire history of communication with the client
  • set tasks “for today”
  • record notes of phone calls  
  • planning ahead for upcoming calls
  • plan around the number of calls you need to make
This feature is only available in the Ultimate plan.  

Use payroll feature to manage and calculate staff salaries

Beauty Pro will automatically import data from your current salon system, making the switch a breeze

Stay on top of staff hours and when stylists clocked in and out with time card features