Improve the quality of service

Increase sales

Accounts for products used during services

Effectively manage service sales:

Beauty Pro will allow you to analyze, in detail, the service sale statistics to get better results and increase profits.

  • monitor profitability sales
  • hone your most profitable services
  • sell more services via packages
  • account for products used during services
  • tier pricing for different categories of stylists
  • control the distribution of work among stylists and rooms
  • rebook clients
  • upsell and crosssell services and products
  • create promotions and exclusive sales
  • offer gift certificates
  • increase sales through online booking

Manage your sales effectively!

Beauty Pro makes rebooking easy. Use client history to suggest prebooking their next service. When checking out a client, set a task to remind the client to rebook.

We accounted for all the details to help your salon to run smoothly:

  • easily add services
  • transparent quoting system
  • allow multiple users
  • automatically track costs of products used in services
  • set margins on your retail
  • tiered pricing for different level stylists
  • control of pricing, varying by day and time
  • differentiation of salon rooms and areas

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