Stay in touch with your salon 24/7

Analyze efficiency of operations

Make management decisions more easily and smarter

Develop your business

  • receive real-time information
  • analyze profitability of services and products
  • identify most popular products and services
  • analyze efficiency of employees.
  • track client retention
  • analyze salon workflow
  • receive analytics of loyalty programs and promotions
  • monitor effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • avoid errors in business management

Monitor your business real-time from anywhere in the world

For both owners and managers it is important to stay in touch with their business 24/7. If you’re away on a business trip or even a vacation, you want to make sure that business is going well - Beauty Pro will allow you fast access to the necessary information and data.

Beauty Pro shows you all the most important information regarding your business

  • convenient and visual data display
  • adjustable search filters to find the information you need, fast
  • over 150 different reports on all activities
  • analytics drilled down to individual business fields
  • financial planning feature
  • send reports via Email at the end of each working day
  • import to Excel

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