Data transfer

Save your data  

Save time and resources 

Convenient and easy transition process

  • we automatically transfer the data from your current software
  • data transfer is included in the cost of Beauty Pro
  • we help to avoid the difficulties associated with software transition  
  • beauty Pro helps prevent errors caused by manual transfer of data
  • we retain your data structure
  • save you time and resources
  • we accelerate the process of implementation
  • we allow for export data using Excel

Save your history of purchases and visits

One of the most important pieces of data for salons is their purchase history and client visits. When starting to use new software, you often find yourself stuck using old programs still. We will automatically transfer all data from your old programs, including history of purchases and visits to save you this trouble. Once you start using Beauty Pro, you have any need for your old programs.

Save all important data:

  • client base
  • deposits
  • history of purchases and visits
  • upcoming visits
  • loyalty programs
  • membership cards and gift certificates
  • service catalog
  • product catalog
This option is available in all plans. We have worked with many clients who previously used other software. We have extensive experience in transferring of data, and this has allowed us to develop algorithms for automatic export of data from more than 25 software products. If you do not find your program in our list for automatic transfer, we will develop the automatic transfer scheme just for you. All of this is included in the cost of Beauty Pro.

Use payroll feature to manage and calculate staff salaries

Beauty Pro will automatically import data from your current salon system, making the switch a breeze

Stay on top of staff hours and when stylists clocked in and out with time card features