Attract the best professionals

Create the best work environment

A strong team is the key to success!

  • automate work schedules  
  • track actual versus scheduled working hours
  • plan for sales performance and set bonuses
  • motivate employees to be more effective and strive for more sales
  • automate salary accounting
  • work with assistants
  • reduce employees missing their goals
  • create a relaxed and intuitive work environment
  • give stylists more control over their schedules
  • set goals and control their execution
  • receive analytics on staff effectiveness

Set bonuses product sales

Using bonuses for products sales, provides additional motivation which in turn increase sales performance and boosts your salon’s revenues.

Easily control the entire management process:

  • simple addition of new employees
  • convenient creation of work schedules
  • tiered and select access permissions to data
  • automated payroll
  • set bonuses for product sales and referral services
  • tiered specialist categories
  • employment agreements
  • track information on diplomas and continuing education

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