Salon Client Data Organizer Software

Know your clients

Improve Service Quality

Increase sales

Organize Your Client Database

With Beauty Pro, you will be able to increase the efficiency of working with your client database. This will allow you to:

  • find information about a client in just a few clicks
  • know exactly which services and products your clients are typically interested in
  • increase the amount of the average sale by 15-20%
  • reduce the number of no shows
  • manage your loyalty programs
  • attract new clients, rebook current clients, and bring back former clients
  • analyze advertising campaigns
  • interact with clients through SMS messaging

SMS-notifications will help improve your quality of service!

Beauty Pro will automatically send messages for client birthdays, send appointment reminders, and alert clients about new services and promotions!

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All information about your clients and their preferences are collected in the section “Clients”:

  • client info
  • referral or traffic source
  • history of visits and purchases
  • hair coloring formulas
  • information about gift cards and discounts
  • survey clients and analyze results for better insight about what your customers like
  • keep notes on client preferences and store them with other useful data on your client info card
  • keep a history of "before" and "after" pictures
  • record notes on client family to suggest gifts and certificates for spouses





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