Salon POS System

All manufacturers and models
Simple connection  
Easy to use

Convenient and effective!

  • hook up card swipers
  • increased convenience in sales of both products and services
  • speed up the inventory tracking
  • works well with touch screens
  • increased precision in tracking inventory and product use
  • allow clients to use non-cash payment
  • allows clients to use a self-service terminal to pay with cash
  • give your clients branded, professional receipts
  • print labels for products

Electronic scales

When working with color, it is important to maintain precise formulas to get your desired hue. As for tracking costs, it’s important to keep record of the amount of products used for each service. Connect electronic scales to Beauty Pro and your product weights will be recorded automatically (forget the complexities of materials accounting.)

Pluggable equipment:

Available in all versions of Beauty Pro:

  • fiscal data recorder
  • receipt printers
  • barcode-readers
  • magnetic readers
  • touch screens and panels
  • electronic scales
Available in Standard and Ultimate versions:
  • label printer
  • cash-in ATM’s
  • tanning bed connection unit
Available only in the Ultimate version:
  • plastic card printers
  We allow you to choose which equipment works the best for your needs. Beauty Pro works with more than 20 leading manufacturers of retail equipment. If you want to connect equipment we have not worked with before, simply let us know. We will customize it to work with Beauty Pro.  

Use payroll feature to manage and calculate staff salaries

Beauty Pro will automatically import data from your current salon system, making the switch a breeze

Stay on top of staff hours and when stylists clocked in and out with time card features