Salon Appointment Scheduling Software

Booking is a breeze and client checkouts take no time at all Allows more time to focus on clients and keep your salon running smoothly

Beauty Pro is more convenient than paper appointment books!

After trying Beauty Pro, there’s no way you’ll want to go back!

  • simplifies client check-out and pricing
  • reduces errors in booking and prevent double booking
  • control of salon and individual booth management
  • automatic calculation of client quote
  • manage accounting for loyalty programs and salon ownership
  • automatically account for products used during services
  • price clients in different currencies
  • online booking available

Online booking

Takes the work off management’s shoulders, AND attracts new clients. Let your clients book themselves with 24/7 access.

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We considered all details so that Beauty Pro covers all bases.

  • adding appointments in just 3 clicks
  • fast addition of products and services to sale
  • records are visually separated: preliminary record, confirmed visit, paid visit
  • multiple options for the calendar display
  • pay by any method you can think of: cash payment, card payment, mixed payment, client deposit, payment via gift certificate
  • automatic notifications to clients about upcoming visit
  • stylists can view their schedule from their personal devices
  • keep track of all important contact numbers and emails of clients, employees, and even suppliers





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