Salon Inventory Management Software

Optimize excess retail

Reduce waste of product

Plan product purchases

Keep Your Inventory Perfectly Stocked!

Beauty Pro simplifies managing your products and retail and will help with product accounting. Beauty Pro will:

  • warn about errors in product accounting and expendable materials
  • automate the write-offs of sold products
  • take into account the product used for each client
  • increase inventory turnover efficiency
  • simplify invoicing
  • remind users to order products
  • aid in purchase planning
  • organize payments to suppliers
  • prevent inventory shortage
  • reduce wasteful consumption of products

Barcode Reader

Working with the barcode reader will streamline product sales and make the inventory process faster.

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We understand your salon needs:

  • group inventory by different criteria that help you account for them more easily
  • assign inventory to a stylist to track usage
  • purchase planning
  • work with different currencies
  • can account for products on consignment
  • creation and sale of products sets for gift and promotional bundles
  • batch product FIFO accounting (First in, First out)
  • accounting for capital assets – accounting of equipment used at salon
  • functional for bar – accounting of product mixes





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