SMS feed

Increase client loyalty

Promote new services  

Automate communications

One tool that can perform many tasks

  • attract new clients and bring back former ones
  • inform customers about new services and exclusive offers
  • automate appointment notifications and birthday wishes
  • increase effectiveness by controlling who you contact
  • reduce no-shows
  • send personalized SMS
  • boost service quality
  • increase client loyalty

Reduce number of no-shows

Make sure you set up an automatic notification for clients about their appointments. This will help reduce the number of no-show clients, while giving your managers and owners a break from these small tasks. Now a person doesn’t have to spend time making these contacts, Beauty Pro will do it for you. You can choose different times to send your notifications - 1/2/3 days prior to appointment, 1/2/3 hours prior to appointment.  Or you can send multiple notifications - 1 day prior and 1 hour prior.  You can also use these notifications to alert clients on changes in appointment time.

SMS messages send important information right into the hands of a client

  • easy setup
  • sending messages straight from Beauty Pro  
  • multipurpose: advertising, informational, congratulatory (for birthdays). Also includes multiple, customizable filters for targeting
  • use your salon signature instead of your phone number
  • automatic personalized appointment notifications and birthday wishes
  • select different time ranges to send appointment notifications
  • more than 100 different providers of SMS feed to choose from, with additional available upon your request
  • receive information on delivery status
SMS messages available in all Beauty Pro plans.  

Use payroll feature to manage and calculate staff salaries

Beauty Pro will automatically import data from your current salon system, making the switch a breeze

Stay on top of staff hours and when stylists clocked in and out with time card features