Tanning Beds

Track tanning bed usage.Analyze use. 

Manage tanning bed from Beauty Pro

Allows you to eliminate the need for multiple programs.

  • connect the tanning beds to Beauty Pro with tanning bed control unit.
  • manage tanning bed directly from the Beauty Pro.
  • control when and how long the beds have been used.

Sell product packages

With Beauty Pro, you can easily group products and services into packages, which will boost your salon’s profits. Beauty Pro comes with convenient features to allow you to control the time remaining for packages, establish time limits, and receive statistics of usage and visits.

Options with tanning beds:

  • work both with tanning bed connection (total control) and without connection (queue management)
  • manual start, pause or switching off of bed.
  • control of the time left, and ability to cancel appointments.
  • manage bed queue analyze session start time
  • full history of all tanning bed start-ups.
  • control of lamp life cycle

Use payroll feature to manage and calculate staff salaries

Beauty Pro will automatically import data from your current salon system, making the switch a breeze

Stay on top of staff hours and when stylists clocked in and out with time card features