Keeping Track of Client Records with Salon Management Software

Keeping Track of Client Records with Salon Management Software

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Technology is everywhere. Yet, you can still find paper hair stylist client cards, skincare client cards and others on Etsy. Some of the designs are undeniably beautiful, but using a client record book can cause you trouble when your beauty business grows. Software technologies, including spreadsheets, databases, and salon management software, might be a more suitable alternative to paper records. They are a more convenient way of storing client cards for beauty salon businesses.


There are a lot of benefits to using spreadsheets and databases for storing electronic records of your clients’ personal information:


  1. It is easier to find records or any other information about the client;
  2. It is easier to make changes in the records;
  3. You can carry it around on a small hard drive, secure it with a password, and send the files in an email.


Problem: Spreadsheets and databases are just storage of client information. Your actions are limited to adding, deleting, changing, and searching for information. The issue here is that you are only keeping information about clients in a more convenient format, while you still need somewhere to store the history of visits, manage an appointment book, manage employee profiles and schedules, research your audience, among many other things. Ordinary spreadsheets can’t help you with these tasks.


The question is, how to keep track of clients information effectively?


Solution: use salon management software, which will help you keep track of your clients, save time on routine processes, attract more clients, and increase profits.


Benefits of Using Salon Management Software for Tracking Client Records


Benefits of Using Salon Management Software for Tracking Client Records


With salon software, you can up your game and use the information you get about your client more efficiently. For example:


  • Keep additional information like a preferred specialist, products, coloring formulas, and other details in a digital client book;
  • Find any information about the client in just a few clicks;
  • Schedule appointments in a couple of simple steps;
  • View the whole schedule by week or by specialist;
  • Send automatic reminders about upcoming appointments to reduce the number of absentees.

You can use a complex of different programs that would perform all these processes, like a database for clients’ personal information, a calendar for scheduling appointments, and IP-telephony for contacting your client. And while this approach will be more beneficial to your salon’s performance than in paper format or in an Excel spreadsheet, these programs are not connected, and transferring information between them might cause errors and use up a lot of time.


What you need is a more complex yet simple system for client management, as well as organizing work schedules, tracking financial transactions, and analyzing salon performance.


Here Is How Beauty Pro Can Help You Improve Client Management


Keeping Track of Client Record. Here Is How Beauty Pro Can Help You Improve Client Management


Beauty Pro is a powerful salon management system which includes different features to help you automate and improve client management, such as:


  1. A client database which allows you to add a client information card in just a few clicks and just as easily look it up.
  2. Detailed client cards (for hair salon or any other kind of a beauty business) where you can store and easily find any information about the client, including contact details, date of birth, history of visits, coloring formulas, and preferred specialists.
  3. An appointment book, a visual representation of your schedule by week or by specialist. Adding visits is a simple process, just choose the client, employee, and type of service from pre-formed lists.
  4. Automatic text message reminders to help your clients be on time for their appointment and reduce the number of missed visits. You can send SMS, email, and push-notifications about special deals and upcoming appointments.
  5. Functionality that allows setting up loyalty programs and other powerful features for attracting new clients and turn them into regulars, increasing profits and efficiency of marketing campaigns.
  6. Functionality that allows you to provide and account for general and individual discounts.
  7. Client categorization system for arranging by certain types, for example, one-time, regular, and dormant. This kind of system will help you organize a more individual approach to offers of services and deals to each group.
  8. Extended capabilities for studying existing and potential clients, gathering and analyzing feedback from visitors. All this helps improve advertising, customer care, and focus on services that your client’s desire.


Our client record keeping software has already helped over 1500 beauty businesses in 16 countries across the world to improve client management, among other salon processes. And it can help you utilize all the information you get from daily work more efficiently. For example:


  1. Arrange detailed information about clients for easier search and analysis;
  2. Boost client retention techniques with different tools and features;
  3. Arrange a list of potential clients to find ways of turning them into regulars;
  4. Improve marketing campaigns and increase cost-effectiveness of your services;
  5. Analyze and improve promotions, referral, and loyalty programs;
  6. Provide clients with products, services, and deals that they are interested in and increase the average check;
  7. Collect statistics for analysis and achieve higher productivity.


Additional Benefits of Beauty Pro


Keeping Track of Client Record. Additional Benefits of Beauty Pro


Beauty Pro powers not only “client track” salon software, but also it offers more than just client information cards for salon businesses. It’s a complex system that helps increase efficiency of every single salon process. It was created by beauty business professionals, so that you could:


  • Manage staff: We offer a set of features for arranging work schedules, easily calculating salaries, and analyzing performance;
  • Account for products: Beauty Pro has different tools to help you track inventory balance, deals with suppliers, and evaluate the use of materials;
  • Account for services: Monitor the service sale statistics and distribution of work among specialists; determine your most profitable services and focus on them;
    • Analyze every aspect of your business: Our software includes over 150 reports on statistics and performance, which allow you to fully control all salon processes;
    • Increase value and profits: With Beauty Pro features you can analyze your clientele and execute smarter promotion campaigns to increase client retention and income;
  • Automate salon processes: Save your and your employees time by automating routine processes.


At Beauty Pro, we offer free technical support to help you get acquainted with our software features. We also help with any questions or concerns you might have while using the program.


Hands on experience is much better at showing the benefits of salon software than theory. Beauty Pro has an extensive set of features which you can test yourself by downloading the free demo.




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